Sometimes women face a serious problem, infertility. Infertility is a serious disorder because it is hard to be treated.

If a woman has fertility problems, it is a bad symptom which can destroy her personal life. Infertility can be caused by many reasons and more often when a woman realizes that she has this disease it appears to be late. Sometimes infertility is caused by a woman or her thoughtless behavior.

Sometimes, disorders in an organism occur not because of a woman. For example, often reason is an inability to an ovulation. Ovulation is very important and if this cycle is disturbed it stands for serious problems to be treated as soon as possible to avoid adverse complications which may lead to infertility.

Nowadays, many women visit the doctors with ovulation disorders. They have to take medications to restore this function in a female organism. To restore ovulation in women Clomid is often used.

The drug has no analogs by unique compound and properties which allow to achieve incredible result within short terms.

What is Generic Clomid (Clomiphene)?

Clomid is a sex hormone which is widely used in medicine for infertility treatment and restoration of ovulation in women.

Also, Clomid can be used in other disorders, but in a combination with the main medications. Clomid is non-anabolic steroid, therefore, this drug can be used in men, especially in athletes.

Clomid is not just a drug which helps to restore ovarian function in women, it is a remedy which returns men and women to normal life and improves their personal life. Clomid is an approved drug and many people visit the doctors to get a script for treatment of their problems.

Clomid provides the great effect in the treatment as proved by statistics constantly monitoring clinical drug efficacy which confirms the percent of positive results at Clomid use is maximum, and it means that the drug helps people very well and improves their health.

Therefore, now Clomid is popular and widely used drug.

Clomid Action

Action of Clomid is surprising. Initially, the drug was intended only for use in women, but later it was revealed that Clomid use in men helps achieve the same results in the same problems.

Clomid helps to avoid estrogen influence on the brain and improves ovary function (in women) and testicles (in men).

Clomid restores ability of conception, both in men and in women.

Clomid doesn’t change estrogen level in the blood because basically, active drug components are penetrated into hypophysis and testicles and become acting.

Clomid is a stimulant providing ovulation by blocking certain receptors sensitive to estrogen. As it was already mentioned, Clomid acts basically in hypothalamus, ovaries, testicle, and bodies containing these receptors.

Clomid causes follicle maturation in ovary, providing a normal, healthy and natural ovulation.

After the treatment course with Generic Clomid, women have a possibility of multiple pregnancy and their chances of pregnancy are increased.

But Clomid acts on men as well. Clomid restores testosterone level and spermatogenesis, and improves testicle function in men. Besides restoration of genital function in men, Clomid is often used for other purposes, especially in athletes.

During application of steroids, estrogen level in men is increased that leads to female-shape silhouette and primary female sex characters.

Application of Clomid reduces estrogen level and restores testosterone level, returning to athletes a male figure.

Clomid Application

Clomid should be applied after preliminary consultation at the doctor. Only the doctor basing on full examination of your organism can set an exact diagnosis and indicate a correct prescription with all features of your disease treatment.

Clomid without prescription isn’t recommended. To buy Clomid without prescription is possible only at online pharmacies providing a possibility to buy medications without prescription.

Clomid is used in various diseases and in each case, an individual prescription with specific instructions is recommended.

Clomid can be used in treatment of anovulatory infertility in women, galactorrhea, oligospermia and many other disorders.

After Clomid use, women which had problems with ovulation before start to ovulate and their genital function is restored. Also, Clomid can be indicated to women to increase a possibility of pregnancy. Therefore healthy women can also use the drug that will help to get pregnant.

Clomid application provides good results, but it should be correct, only in that way the required results can be achieved.

The doctor, indicating you a script, should specify dosage, duration of drug use and other recommendations which can provide good results to get rid of a problem.

Usually, Clomid is indicated on the 5th day of a menstrual cycle for 5 days. 50mg of Clomid is taken once a day, before sleep.

Clomid 50mg is an optimal dose providing good results and well tolerated without side-effects. Clomid 50mg is an initial dose which further can be changed or not. Only the doctor can adjust a dose. The self-treatment may negatively affect the treatment. If necessary, the doctor can increase a dose to 150mg a day. It is the maximum dose, do not exceed it.

To less irritate a stomach, Clomid is taken after meal with a full glass of water.

The doctor should indicate an individual prescription to use Clomid in men. Duration of Clomid application in men lasts 3-4 months because only for this period of time, estrogen action can be completely neutralized in man’s organism.

Take 50mg of Clomid once or twice a day, depending on indications.

Safety measures During use of Clomid, you should observe all safety measures indicated to you by the doctor.

You will achieve the best effect and avoid adverse organism reactions. Discuss with the doctor all contra-indications which may cause side-effects or disturb Clomid action.

Contra-indications include: allergy to Clomid, diseases of kidneys or liver, ovarian cyst, hypophysis adenoma, and pregnancy.

In case of these indications, Clomid use should be limited or forbidden, because it may cause dangerous side-effects.


Side-effects during Clomid use have been rarely reported. They are caused by drug misuse and in non-observance of all safety measures. If you take Clomid as your doctor specified, you can protect yourself against serious side-effects.

Otherwise, in case of the below adverse reactions of an organism inform your doctor as soon as possible.

Possible side-effects: multiple pregnancy, cystous changes in ovaries, hyperthermia, vomiting, nausea, breast pain, the pain in testicles, headache, allergic reactions.

Do not be afraid of side-effects because they aren’t dangerous to an organism and usually pass soon.

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