Clomid: A Medicine For The Treatment Of Female Infertility And Male Hypogonadism

Though Clomid is marketed as the above stated name, Clomid is also marketed as other names such as Milophene or Serophene.

Clomid inhibits estrogens’s negative feedback on the production of gonadotropin. It stimulates the ovulation process which releases an egg. It is especially used when there is deficiency in hormonal stimulation.

How Clomid Is Prescribed:

Therapeutically, Clomid is given at an early stage of the menstrual cycle. Menstrual cycle is a series of changes that occurs in a woman’s body to the way to pregnancy. Clomid is prescribed typically at the beginning on the day one, three, or five and it continues for five days.

The body perceives estrogens in low level in the presence of the medicine Clomid just like the twenty second day of the previous cycle.

As the estrogens cannot exert negative feedback effectively on the hypothalamus, the secretion of GnRH becomes pulsatile more rapidly; in the result the release of pituitary gonadotropin increases.

This increased level of FSH causes to grow more ovarian follicles, thus ovulation occurs for subsequently rupture of the follicles.

From the year of 1960, Clomid is being used. At first Clomid was used in the treatment of oligomenorrhea.

Side Effects Of Clomid:

The medicine Clomid is the mixture of these geometric isomers; Z clomifene (zuclomifene) and E clomifene (enclomifene). To tell about the adverse effects of cheap Clomid common reactions like hot flashes or vasomotor flushes, visual blurring, abdominal discomfort, and the reversible ovarian enlargement should be stated.

There are some infrequent adverse effects, such as nausea, abnormal uterine bleeding, and vomiting. Some adverse effects may occur rarely, such as ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome and reversible alopecia.

If the treatment is done with purified FSH, when using cheap Clomid the ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome rate is low.

Multiple ovulations can be led by Clomid: this will increase the chance of triplets or twins.

Clomid For Other Treatments:

In many cases, it has been found effective for the secondary male hypogonadism treatment. When this treatment is compared to the TRT (testosterone replacement therapy), then it seems much more attractive.

The reason is that it can be done at reduced cost. It is also convenient to take a pill then taking injections or using gels.

Traditional TRT can shrink the testes, but Clomid will not do that, hence it results in enhance fertility. However, the use of clomifene citrate in male is not approved by FDA; it may be prescribed off-label.

Where Clomid Should Not Be Used:

The use of Clomid is prohibited in sports and bodybuilding. cheap Clomid is in the list of the World Anti-Doping Agency as an illegal doping agent. It should not be used if there is any thyroid problem.

If there is another endocrine disorder or undiagnosed vaginal bleeding, Clomid should not be used. It should not be used if there are liver diseases, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, or any other chronic medical illness.

Contact a qualified doctor before taking this medicine and inform him/her if you have any of these problems. The doctor will prescribe you accordingly.